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At S&A Unified Home Care, we are dedicated to providing compassionate and personalized care for individuals with special needs. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for those we serve by offering comprehensive support tailored to each individual’s unique requirements. Whether you or your loved one requires assistance with daily living activities, medical care, or emotional support, our team of experienced professionals is here to help.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We understand that every individual is unique, and we strive to offer services that respect and respond to these differences. Our care plans are developed in close collaboration with families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to ensure the highest standard of care.

Services We Offer

Skilled Nursing Care – Our skilled nurses provide medical care including medication management, wound care, and health monitoring. We work closely with doctors and other healthcare providers to deliver coordinated and effective care.

Personalized Care Plans – We create customized care plans that address the specific needs and preferences of each individual, ensuring a personalized approach to care.

Companion and Respite Care – Our companion care services offer emotional support and companionship, while our respite care services provide temporary relief for family caregivers, ensuring that your loved one continues to receive high-quality care.

Community Integration – We promote community integration through services that encourage participation in community activities and help individuals build essential life skills for greater independence.

OPWDD Services

We offer a range of OPWDD services designed to support individuals with developmental disabilities in living fulfilling and independent lives. We provide Medicaid Service Coordination to help individuals navigate the various services and supports available to them. Our coordinators work with you to develop a personalized plan that addresses your needs and goals. We also offer respite services to give families and caregivers a much-needed break, ensuring their loved ones are well taken care of.

Community Habilitation

Our community habilitation services focus on teaching daily living skills and promoting community inclusion. We work with individuals to enhance their independence and participation in community activities.

Day Habilitation

Day habilitation services provide structured activities and skill-building opportunities in a supportive environment. Our programs are designed to foster personal growth, social interaction, and community involvement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What areas do you serve?

We offer OPWDD services across the five boroughs of New York City ensuring that individuals with special needs receive the care they deserve in their own communities.

2. How do I know which services are right for my loved one?

Our team will conduct an initial assessment to understand the unique needs of your loved one and will work with you to develop a personalized care plan that best suits their requirements.

3. Are your caregivers trained to handle special needs?

Yes, all our caregivers undergo extensive training to provide specialized care for individuals with special needs, including ongoing education to stay current with best practices.

4. How can I arrange for services?

You can contact us by phone at 718-980-6100, email at , or visit our office at 2729 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11235 to discuss your needs and set up services.

5. What is the process for enrolling in OPWDD services?

Our Medicaid Service Coordinators will guide you through the entire enrollment process for OPWDD services, including completing necessary paperwork and coordinating with healthcare providers and other support services.

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