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S & A Unified Home Care, Inc., is New York State Licensed Home Care Service Agency. S & A Unified Home Care provides an array of services to meet the needs of a growing population. Through our individualized services, we promote independence and well being while evaluating, monitoring, and caring for our patients. The mission for its foundation is to provide the quality assistance family members need to lead more comfortable and productive lives in their own homes. We encourage respite for family caregivers, while maintaining their interest and involvement in the care of their loved ones. Our goal is to strengthen, empower and support individuals and their families.

S & A Unified Home Care professionals are highly trained experts who respect and are devoted to what they do. They are more than just professionals; they are warm, caring men and women who often become their clients’ confidant. Our staff and professionals understand that planning for the care of individuals is a measure that demands compassion and expertise.


S & A Unified Home Care is committed to enhancing the lives of our senior citizens and ensuring that they achieve their maximum level of independence and self-actualization. We support environments that enable aging in place and opportunities to interact with others. We respect and revere our elders and believe that they have as much to offer us as we do them. With these beliefs in mind, we promise to deliver the very best care possible.


Services provided by S & A Unified Home Care are:

  • Home Health Aide
  • Personal Care Aide
  • Visiting nurse
  • Nurse assessment

S & A Unified Home Care – A certified Home Health Aide (HHA) iMonitoring patient’s safetys available to provide Home Health Care for patients:

  • Reminders to take medications
  • Recording of vital signs, including pulse and blood pressure
  • Getting to and from medical and other appointments
  • Cooking and meal preparation
  • Bathing, dressing and grooming
  • Assistance with walking
  • Light housekeeping and laundry

And anything else needed to make the patient feel comfortable accordingly to the Plan of Care

S & A Unified Home Care – A certified personal care aide (PCA) provides Personal Care for patients.

  • Accompanying clients to doctors’ appointments
  • Do patient shopping and errands
  • Various social activities, reading, writing, etc.
  • Assistance patient with walking, feeding, dressing
  • Grooming, bathing, shaving, hair care, etc.
  • Cooking and meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping, laundry, linen changing.

And anything else needed to make the patient feel comfortable accordingly to the Plan of Care


S & A Unified Home Care for the past few years has demonstrated a fast, and growing company. Success that is achieved due to quality, compassion and most of all communication!

All of our Caregivers, Home Health Aides, Personal care Aides, have a full criminal background check, updates with their continuing education, and physicals.

S & A Unified Home Care services are offered seven days a week, twenty-four hour a day, including holidays. A supervisor is on-call and is always available if you need to speak to someone after hours. Our care begins with the very first Hello. Our professionals offer their services in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Haitian Creole.

Our goal is to assist our clients and maximize their potential of quality care!

Members Reviews

Staff is very helpful and the home health aides are great! Communication is awesome, there’s an on call staff available 24/7!


Highly recommend this home care agency!!! They are the best!!!!! They have helped a lot of my friends and family get the services they need!


Communication is awesome, there’s an on call staff available 24/7! I highly recommend S&A unified home for anyone that’s looking into putting their loved ones in great care.


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