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Our care and dedication will bring you peace of mind

Our professional care teams, each led by a Registered Nurse, deliver expert, compassionate, and personal care.

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We promote independence and well being while evaluating, monitoring, and caring for our patients. The mission for its foundation is to provide the quality assistance family members need to lead more comfortable and productive lives in their own homes.


We promise to deliver the very best care possible. Please, give us a call, and we can assist you immediately to meet your needs.


Our professional stuff are highly trained experts who respect and are devoted to what they do.They are more than just professionals: they are warm, caring men and women who often become their client’s confidant.

What is Home Care Services?

As time goes by, all of us want to make sure we have someone who will take care of us. Sometimes, when it comes to daily routine, our loved ones need assistance. To clean dishes, to do light housekeeping, even to go to walk – sometimes is hard for them to manage!

S & A Unified Home Care, Inc. is a licence home care agency that provides care for your loved ones! Our professional team will find the right candidate for seniors needs. We are working close with family’s needs to find a licence home care aide who will bring peace to your heart. Your beloved ones under our care of the professional who will be there for them when you cannot. We believe, attention and care – is the best medicine!

Who qualified for Home Care Services?

If you or your loved ones are 65 years or older, and feel like you need someone to help you with your daily chores, you may qualify for Home Health Care Services. The certain services you can receive in your home after an illness, injury or surgery, which can help make your everyday life easier.

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Members Reviews

Staff is very helpful and the home health aides are great! Communication is awesome, there’s an on call staff available 24/7!


Highly recommend this home care agency!!! They are the best!!!!! They have helped a lot of my friends and family get the services they need!


Communication is awesome, there’s an on call staff available 24/7! I highly recommend S&A unified home for anyone that’s looking into putting their loved ones in great care.


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